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Welcome to the World of Digital Dentistry!

Since our establishment in 1996, we aim to keep pace with the rapid development of dentistry. Our collegues continuously participate in national and international training courses. Our latest service is digital dental technology.

Zirconium oxid and CAD / CAM technology in general...

The metalfree dental prosthetic made of zirconium oxide is an ideal choice for permanent crowns and bridges thanks to its aesthetic, chemical and physical features. The discreet metal-based porcelain crowns lie on gray metal frame, therefore, the limited light transmission and color difference make it nearly impossible to achieve natural look. The biggest advantage of zirconium oxide crown is the frame perfectly matching the teeth colour as well as its natural, translucent aesthetic qualities.

Zirconium technology has achieved solid position in dentistry. There is no question that compared to metal-ceramic ones, all-ceramic dental prosthetics offer huge aesthetic advantages in many clinical situations.

We work with high-tech machinery of latest technology. We make planning, design and preliminary preparation for production with our Dental Wings scanner.

In our laboratory we achieve micron size accuracy in edge sealing with the use of best quality raw materials and CAD / CAM system. The compact, easy to use body scanners can virtually design the final shape of the frame. After this, the computer-controlled 5-axis CNC milling machine carves the zirconium skeleton. The perfect product is automatically finalized by sintering and veneering excluding the possibility of human error.

Advantages of zirconium:

- CAD/CAM technology is extremely accurate,

- perfect aesthetic look,

- biocompatibility,

- long lifespan.


  A high-performance, automated factory production machine for zirconium milling that executes dental tasks in the best possible quality, even in 24 hours daily operation. The highest quality raw materials and toolset guarantee perfect.

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  Hintels make very precise laser sinter process frames from CoCr alloys. This technology enables the most precise machining of cheaper raw materials. The casings consisting more than 100 layers are free of twistings and deformations caused by molding technology, thus, the long-span bridges exactly match the pillars from the first minute.

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