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The SzentDent Dental Technical Limited Company was founded in 1996 and opened its laboratory in the picturesque village of Szentendre.
Our 180 m2 laboratory, due to the renovations, can meet every professional and labour demands. Reconstructions were required both by our ever growing number of orders and Hungary’s joining the European Union. Conforming to the needs of our profession, we created airy, well-organized work spaces, equipped with the most modern machines and tools made in West Europe, so that we can ensure excellent working conditions for our 15 collegues.
Our company has been developing dynamically, thanks to our high professional standards. We put special emphasis on supplying our clients with the best quality dental replacements. We try and keep direct contact with the dentist, since we believe our clients satisfaction relies on our cooperation and good teamwork. Our slogan „Reliability, Quality, Smile” is ment to convey our ars poetica, namely, we also contribute with our reliable, high quality work to the smile spreading on our patients’ face after they feel healthy again. The patients’ smile, in turn, brings a smile on their dentists’ face. So the real proof of our success is seeing our „smiling” dentists in Szentendre, Budapest, Győr, Dunaújváros, Kaposvár and Cegléd. Apart from these areas, we regularly supply dentists in Germany, Finland and Slovakia as well.

Varga Mihály
executive man.-proprietor
Máriási Gábor
executive man.-proprietor

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The SzentDent Team

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The SzentDent Team The building