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The aim of SzentDent Ltd. is to offer such a comprehensive and high quality service that meets all our dentists’ and clients’ expectations. Keeping this in view, our laboratory offers the complete range of dental technical products and technologies, which makes it possible for patients and dentists to choose the most convenient replacements, as far as worth and technology concerned. Every work is done exclusively in our laboratory, which guarantees the standard quality of the technology and the materials. We continually follow the latest technological and technical developments and try to respond the new challenges.

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Zircon is one of the most commonly available elements in the earth's crust. It is the base of zirconium oxide, a compound with excellent physical and biological features successfully used in orthopedics and dentistry.

It is without doubt the best from the currently available dental ceramic materials of high biological quality.

Zirconium oxide restorations in dentistry satisfy our eternal desire to reach NATURAL COLOUR, TRANSPARENCY & BRIGHTNESS for ceramic bridges.

GC Gradia

The G Gradia Micro - Ceramic - Composite system is used mainly for making indirect fillings (inlay/onlay), jacket crowns, bridges, veeners as well as with combined works for fusing abutment protruding from anchorage and for fusing secundary telescopic anchorage. It can be used as an ideal dental restorative material even on areas of high biting load, such as molar regions. It gives restorations a high strength and durability as well as a colour tone close to that of natural teeth.